Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hello 2015

Hi guys!!

Firstly, i'm not that active on this blogspot blogging.

So, you guys can follow up my life updates on Instagram @engkusulwani okey! Facebook also can lah.

By the way, i'm looking forward to create another blog. Maybe Tumblr or Wordpress. Someday somehow la. If got enough time. Excited!

Oh ya, one more thing. Search my LinkedIn profile "Engku Sulwani" for modelling profession updates. Somewhere between 2012-2014 portfolio. CLICK HERE.
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Okey, now let's start the story.

This year, i have a new vision and mission. Another stage of life changing pyramid la kate koo...

For 2015, i started to slow down my hijab modelling profession, so most of the time i can focus more on my study. Yes. A full-time student.

However, Alhamdulillah! I am grateful enough to achieve my life goals on Hijab Modelling industry, more than i can expect. =) =) To be honest, i do always seek for interesting life experience, so that one day i can cerita2 zaman dahulu-kala to my cucu cicit. Nenek dulu pernah itu.. nenek dulu pernah ini.. haaa gituu. Betul ke idok?

The life experience to be on magazines, newspapers, billboards.. and involved in international photoshooting Hijab Fashion to overseas, this industry really amazed me. I couldn't ask for more! Malaysia's Hijab Fashion is now evolving around the world!! Mu tengok la sekarang ramai artis dah berhijab kann.. hehe. Good news to hear.

Further story, to cut short; On 2013, i collaborated with Serindit Photo Studio for my first international project called "Summer In Korea", involving top local muslimah fashion boutiques. So we went to South Korea. Yoo la, masa tu kan K-POP tengah top kau! Ahhaa.
What an amazing place!

Next. On 2014, i further my 2nd international project, called #HijabInStyleEurope. It was a huge project by Nabil Nadir Photography and other 35 hijab boutiques around Malaysia. We had fashion photoshoots in 4 europe countries in just a week, traveling to London - Amsterdam - Brussel - Paris. It was a very challenging, but full of amazing and fun experiences!

So now, for 2015..? Just wait and see. ;-)

Being part of it, i feel proud. It's not about the money, or $$$. But it's about how the happy & satisfactory feeling doing what you like so much.
Yeah, i did it passionately. Actually, it's one of my dreams & passions. Hehe. One of. I could be a very different person when i do modelling. Yup! That's the truth.

However, life is full of wonders!! Being a student and do part time modelling at the same time is not that easy. Pursuing in study is much more important for now. Plus, life itself is a big endless TEST. True, isn't it?

Anddd.. Medical study is interesting. It's all about helping people to heal. Your life is now dramatically changed; the patient must be always your top priority!

Lastly, just to mention. "Health is not just a mere absent of disease, but health is a complete mental, physical, and social wellbeing." You got it?
Then, digest it.

Ok, that's all for now guys. No matter what happen, just don't forget to smile. Smile secretes more serotonin, a type of Happy hormone.

Have a good day ahead! =)


efa fairuz said...

2015? yeay! mek ku ada gewe dokter! bau gulai dohh..



Engku Sulwani said...

Kak efa aa jong gulai kawoh..ngeh3